Our Offerings

ZigZagee has developed a number of software and hardware solutions.

Whether it be the way we communicate, do our shopping and banking or book a table at a restaurant, the internet has transformed our daily lives. The internet of things (IoT) will also transform our lives over the next 10 to 20 years. The foundation of the IoT is automation, M2M (machine-to-machine) communication and autonomous decision making. The IoT will enhance human decision making allowing us to make more informed and better decisions. The IoT is multi-faceted and diverse in application. A typical example is the smart automobile. Such a car would have on-board sensing and condition monitoring. This sensed data is then uploaded to the cloud. Decision making logic may also be cloud-based. This smart vehicle concept would then cater for scenarios were a failure is predicted or noticed. The user can then be notified that a brake light has failed or whether the battery is beginning to fail. The vehicle can be automatically be checked in for service through the users smart phone and replacement parts can be automatically ordered. A key feature of IoT-based system is that they encompass some form of sensing and data transportation. This data transformation is usually wireless and hence IoT-based systems tend to operate in seamless, unnoticed way allowing us to get on with more important things. ZigZagee is pioneering this revolution.